Surviving a Spiritual Dearth

Honeybees collect nectar and pollen from flowering plants. To put it in human terms, pollen is like protein and nectar is like carbohydrates. Bees need both pollen and nectar to be healthy and for the hive to thrive. At certain times of the year, the bees experience a shortage of […]

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Focus: It’s Kind of Important

Bokeh. (bow-kay) You’ve seen those great pictures where the subject is in complete focus, but everything else is out of focus. When light is present in that out of focus background, the light becomes beautiful starburst-type fragments of light. The out-of-focus light in the background is called bokeh. Bokeh done […]

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Overcoming Temptation

Temptation is something that we all go through regularly, and many times, it happens on a regular basis. Some stories of temptation can be funny like children who are tempted to eat cookies when their parents have forbidden them from eating the cookies. While a situation like that may be […]

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