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I’m Thankful for the Resurrection

By Thomas | April 13, 2022

All this week, we celebrate and remember the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry before his crucifixion. Jesus began the week by entering Jerusalem with an entrance fit for a king; it was a royal entry. Later in the week, Jesus was arrested, mocked, punished, and sentenced to death by […]

To a Bivocational Pastor: Bro., I’m Sorry

By Thomas | April 7, 2022

Dear Bivocational Pastor, In no way am I trying to make light of your situation. As I’ve walked down your road in your shoes for the last year, I realize that I have not given you the recognition you deserve. You are making a significant contribution to the Kingdom of […]

Surviving a Spiritual Dearth

By Thomas | April 5, 2022

Honeybees collect nectar and pollen from flowering plants. To put it in human terms, pollen is like protein and nectar is like carbohydrates. Bees need both pollen and nectar to be healthy and for the hive to thrive. At certain times of the year, the bees experience a shortage of […]

Serving Left-over Sermons

By Thomas | February 22, 2022

I love preaching. I mean I love to preach, and I love to hear preaching, which means “I love preaching” is an accurate description of my interests. Most preachers I know have a deep sincere desire to preach the word faithfully. They want to spend adequate time in sermon study […]